Why Us

Why Choose RTS As Your Las Vegas IT Consulting Partner?

Why Choose RTS Over Other Las Vegas IT Consulting companies?

Because we won’t waste your money on service or solutions you don’t need.
Responsiveness | Reliability | Cost-Conscious Service & Solutions

At RTS, we have a very simple approach to IT:
• We fix problems fast,
• We fix them right the first time, and
• We do so in a cost-conscious manner.
You work hard for your money and you shouldn’t waste it on IT companies that charge by the hour and take forever to resolve issues.

RTS is different. We know that wasted time means wasted money for your business. This applies to the service we provide as well as the stability of your network.
Something as basic as a network disruption can cost you hours of lost productivity, which equates to lost money. Our Techs fix your network and computer problems the right way so you don’t have to worry about downtimes. We also fix any kind of problem within a guaranteed response time, and try to save you money while doing so.

RTS works closely with you to ensure all your IT needs are met. We don’t suggest solutions that aren’t right for you. We recommend only the solutions to help you meet your business goals.
RTS has your company’s financial well being in mind. We ensure technology provides the return on your investment (ROI) you demand.